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skydiving license course USPA 'A' License Training, This includes AFF Levels #1 to #8, ฿144,300

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Skydiving License Course USPA 'A' License Training

We are the only center that offers complete USPA skydiving courses in Southeast Asia.

Skydiving Course - The AFF course is a skydiving license program tailored to teach individuals to become a skydiver. AFF is the most advanced and quickest way to learn how to skydive, endorsed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Find Out More & Book Here

The course starts with six hours of ground training where you will learn all emergency procedures, parachute flight, and freefall body position. Once the ground training has been completed you will be ready to make your very first skydive, using your own freefall parachute. you will jump with 2 USPA qualified AFF Instructors and free fall together until you open your own parachute. All of our instructors are qualified to the highest standard and will guide you through the USPA skydiving license program as well as develop your skydiving flying skills through every stage of the program. You will open fly and land your own parachute on every skydive.

Skydiving Course & Licenses - USPA

The USPA “A” License gives you the privilege to skydive at all skydive centers around the world. You will be provided with a progression card detailing your progress, it serves as a certificate of your skydiving experience to date.

The A license course package consists of the following elements:

  • Ground Training - 6 hours
  • Complementary Tandem Skydive
  • AFF stages 1 to 7
  • 5 coached skydives with a USPA Certified Instructor or coach equivalent
  • 12 “Solo skydives” which consolidate your A license
  • 13 night’s accommodation at one of our company apartments including transportation to and from the drop zone each day
  • All skydives on your skydiving course include equipment rental

For your level one Jump why not make it a memory never to forget by getting an outside camera flyer perspective with video and photos. 

Choose an additional video option of your skydive shot by an outside camera flyer. 

Video & Photos - ฿4800 - This is our most popular option

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Skydiving License Course USPA A License Training Course In Thailand



The skydiving license course USPA 'A' License Training, This includes AFF Levels #1 to #8, ฿144,300 is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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