FAQ - Tandem Skydiving

If you're new to the sport of skydiving you might have some questions in mind. Skydive in Thailand have added some additional information in order to answer some of those questions for you here.


Q: One of my buddies doesn’t want to skydive, can they join me in the aircraft?

Unfortunately we do not allow any non skydivers as passengers, as per civil aviation law, only persons allowed to fly in the plane are people participating in skydiving activities and the pilot.

Q: I have a Gopro or Action Camera Can I Shoot My Own Photos or Video?

Certainly, you are most welcome to snap pictures at ground level before getting ready for your skydive, however you're not allowed to bring a camera with you in the aircraft. Skydive in Thailand provide experienced professional camera flyers and videographer that will shoot fantastic photos and video of your skydive.

Q: Is skydiving a safe activity?

Yes, Skydive in Thailand have been involved in skydiving operations in Europe for over 30 years, We only employ the best team of international instructors and pilots, our skydiving equipment is the best on the market. Skydive in Thailand is an affiliate member of the united states parachute association (USPA) our safety operational procedures are audited and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand continuously. Statistics show that a Tandem skydive has an extremely low risk factor of 0.5%,  AFF and “A” License training course(s) show a risk factor of 1% (because of landing a parachute solo). in comparison, considering that riding a horse, golf and rugby all rank higher than skydiving as “high risk” sports, which might help provide an more visible perspective regarding the safety of skydiving.

Q: Is pick up service included in the Skydive Price?

Yes we offer a pick up service from both Bangkok and Pattaya, we will pick you up and drop you off once you have completed your skydive, the entire process takes only 2.5 hours from pick up to drop off.

Q: Where is the Skydiving Center Located?

Our Drop Zone is located approx. 25km north of Pattaya city and approx.180km south east of Bangkok City. Travel time from Bangkok is little over one hour in a car or a Taxi.  We are just a short drive from Pattaya, taking approx. 20 minutes to reach us. Should you be making your own way to the dropzone, check out our directions page here: How to Get Here

Q: Is a reservation or advanced booking required?

Yes, pre-booking is required to reserve your skydiving experience. The simplest method of doing so is to pay a deposit on our website using a credit card or debit card online. Our website is provides a safe and secure booking system and is SSL protected which means that you can rest assured that all payment’s for your skydiving experience(s) are processed safely and securely, using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools, Skydive in Thailand do not share customers personal or financial information with any third parties. However, we can quite often cater to jumpers should they call us during any given day, we fly multiple times daily. Should you have a particular day or special occasion in mine or if you are part of a larger group (5 or more), we strongly recommend an advanced booking and reservation via our website beforehand, in order to avoid disappointment. If you cannot process an online payment,  you are required to make a bank transfer deposit in order to secure your place for your selected skydiving date.

Q: What are the minimum age requirements to make a Tandem Skydive?

Skydivers must be 12 years old as a minimum provided that written parental consent is given to us on the day of thy skydive.

Q: what weight limitations are in place for persons wanting to make a tandem skydive?

The maximum weight limit to make a tandem skydive is 115 Kg, a persons body weight should be proportional to their height and body shape. The majority of people that have an active and healthy lifestyle can participate in skydiving activities. If a persons weight is in excess of 95kg they will need to pay supplementary surcharge which is given to the tandem instructor due to the additional energy required needed to cater for larger passengers / students.

Q: Are there any medical considerations?

Yes, if you are over 60, taking prescription drugs or have suffered a recent injury or illness, you are required to bring a doctor’s certification stating that no adverse effects will result from vigorous activity, such as sky diving. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your fitness please contact us and we will refer you to a doctor who can advise you appropriately!

Q: What if I have been Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a very popular sport in Thailand. If you are an experienced scuba diver, you understand that it is unsafe to sky dive following a scuba dive due to your susceptibility to getting the “bends” and will not be allowed to skydive for a minimum of 18 hours following the scuba dive to allow for “off gassing”. However for the inexperienced individuals who have dived 12 meters or less on a beginner course you are safe to skydive the next day.

Q: What should I wear?

It is important that you have a full range of motion when sky diving. Therefore, we suggest wearing non-restrictive clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jeans, sweat pants or other athletic wear). We can also provide you with a jumpsuit for your sky dive. On your feet please wear closed toe shoes such as trainers or sneakers etc. - no bare feet or sandals are allowed. We have some older shoes that you are welcome to borrow if you need too.

Q: What if the weather forecast is bad?

Sky diving has always been a weather-dependent sport. If you have been scheduled, you must come to the drop zone regardless of weather conditions. If we feel it is necessary to cancel, we will call you. If inclement weather occurs after you arrive, all jumping will either be postponed until later in the day, or cancelled. Jumping will recommence when weather conditions do not compromise safety.

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