Skydive Thailand Tandem Skydiving


Tandem Skydive Thailand

Skydive in Thailand, first class freefall and parachuting experience with tropical ocean and island views. Enjoy the best tandem skydiving experience Thailand has to offer. Our purpose built skydiving aircraft takes you to 13,000 feet / 4,000 meters the highest skydive in Asia for you to enjoy 60 seconds of free fall at up to 200kph, Skydive in Thailand and live your dream.

Capture Your Skydive in High Definition 

You will never forget your first skydive, a video and photo of your first skydive is timeless. Our camera packages give you the opportunity to capture the full skydive and immortalize the experience and excitement for a lifetime.

Basic Package - Video Only

This package offers great value for money. The video starts with a pre-jump interview with the instructor whilst gearing up before you take-off and video footage of the flight to 13,000ft. Then, the camera is mounted on the camera flyers helmet to record the entire skydiving experience a taking in the beautiful ocean views and scenery of Thailand.


Video & Photo Combo

The video and photo combo is the best in skydiving cinematography and photography. This package includes all the same features of the basic package, you also have a personal camera-flyer skydiving with you during the freefall experience, The camera-flyer will wear both a GOPRO camera for videos and a high definition DSLR or mirrorless camera for the most stunning high definition photos you will ever see, the camer-flyer orbits around you in freefall at 200kph capturing all angles of you enjoying your skydive Thailand experience.

20 mins after you complete your skydive, you will get a 4-7 minute fully edited high definition video about 100-200 high resolution photos of your Skydive Thailand experience.

Skydiving Thailand