Student Week 2020  - Skydive in Thailand

Student Week 2020 - Skydive in Thailand

We are super excited about running our long awaited Student Week, this is a fantastic opportunity for skydivers of all levels to improve their skills or complete the AFF & 'A' license progression program, begin the early stages of free flying, tracking / angle flying, improve on formation skydiving and canopy piloting skills.

This event is dedicated to the progression of all skydivers and priority will be given to all attendees.

The dates are confirmed from the 24th to the 31st of December.  We advise everyone to take the time off work and commit yourself to the sport. If you want to improve your skydiving skills this week will give you the time and exposure you need to progress in the sport.

We would like to confirm all attendees in advance and It is important that you confirm your attendance on the facebook event page or call / email us.  

All coaches and instructors are available for the following;

  • Free Load Organizing !!!
  • AFF & 'A' License Progression. 
  • B License Progression. 
  • One on one coaching for all levels and disciplines (Canopy FS / FF).

For those of you traveling from Chiang Mai or down south, we advise you to get here on the 23rd so that refresher training and dirt diving can be conducted, getting you ready for a full day of jumping the next day and throughout the following days.

Please contact us in advance if you need accommodation arranged during student week

Feel free to bring your friends and family along for a Tandem Skydive as well, this is a fantastic Christmas present and our current promotional price is ฿6,999, bookings can be made on our website.