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Airtec CYPRES 2 Automatic Activation Device.

Airtec's CYPRES 2 unit is today’s industry standard for AADs. CYPRES units have been commercially available the longest of the three major sport skydiving AAD products.

The CYPRES 2 unit is now available in 6 different modes!

The Changeable Mode configuration allows the user to change the mode as needed throughout the unit's lifetime! This is excellent for the jumper who needs the Expert mode now, but may want the Speed later on; or for the drop zone who may need to switch the CYPRES unit between a tandem, student or rental rig through the unit's lifetime. This Changeable Mode CYPRES is the same price of the 4 different set mode CYPRES units.

Each new CYPRES 2 now includes a log book and pullup cord!

CYPRES 2 units manufactured January 2017 and later, have a lifetime of 15.5 years (previous lifetime was 12.5 years) with an unlimited manufacturer guarantee for repairs, if needed. The units are water resistant for a duration of 24 hours at a maximum of 1.5 meters deep. The CYPRES 2 also has a jump counter and does not require a battery change.


The WSC (Wing Suit CYPRES) monitors what you do, adjusts its actions to your needs and even communicates them to you.

Virtually all AADs designed for skydiving have one parameter combination to define their activation. A certain height and a certain vertical speed make them activate. That has served the needs since the beginning of skydiving. Until wingsuits appeared. They allow such slow vertical speed that the method of the last 90 years cannot deal with these conditions any more. A new solution was necessary. Airtec saw the need and developed the answer.

The use of Wingsuits requires not one, but two parameter combinations during the same jump. One is needed for the duration of the Wingsuit Flight and another one is needed for the duration of the Canopy Flight. Only with this method is it possible to cover all risks of a Wingsuit descent.

The WSC starts off by using the Wingsuit parameters, which covers the specific wingsuit flight risks. While you are descending, it continuously monitors your manoeuvres and once it detects the criteria of your canopy, it changes the wingsuit parameters to the canopy parameters. These will take care of your specific canopy flight risks.
For the canopy flight you can set your WSC to be an Expert or a Speed CYPRES, just as you need. Once you have set it, it will last until you reset it.

As soon as your WSC has switched to the parameters of the canopy flight it will let you know. You will hear a melodic sound for some seconds via the WSC Audio. That is important, even mandatory, because only the confirmation assures that you now can do all the extreme manoeuvres that your canopy allows you.

Aside from Wingsuiting, the WSC can also be used for all other disciplines too. Also, the handling is identical to all other civilian CYPRES models, except placing the Audio inside your helmet and listening to the melodic sound.

Nevertheless, Airtec asks everybody using this device to spend time to inform themselves about the physical circumstances of Wingsuit Flying and the technique behind the WSC.

CYPRES Maintenance Info:

As of January 1, 2016, CYPRES 2 are no longer required to undergo maintenance checks, so the maintenance is now voluntary. Units manufactured prior to January 1, 2016, retain the mandatory maintenance schedule. Units manufactured prior to January 2017 have a 4-year and 8-year maintenance schedule. For units manufactured January 2017 and later, the voluntary maintenance schedule is every 5 years. For the CYPRES 2 maintenance, the units can be shipped to either SSK Industries in Ohio or Airtec in Germay, and are tested/updated for a minimum of two weeks for $160 plus shipping costs.

Riggers can replace the CYPRES 2 cutter as well as the water filter on the units.

A $65 credit is available by trading in an expired CYPRES. Note: To receive the $65 credit with Skydive in Thailand, send in your expired CYPRES unit including the unused cutter with a copy of your receipt after purchasing a new CYPRES from Skydive in Thailand. Once we receive your expired unit, the $65 will be refunded to you and can go towards any Skydiving Gear Sales.

In-Stock CYPRES 2 units at Skydive in Thailand always have a recent date of manufacture as we get new shipments on a monthly basis direct from Airtec in Germany.

Standard settings for the CYPRES Modes (activation altitude can be changed by the user, if desired, see here.


CYPRES is an acronym for CYbernetic Parachute Release System.

Air Travel With CYPRES 2

Full CYPRES 2 User Manual

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