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NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire 3 Canopy (Stock 2 Weeks/Custom 17 Weeks)

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NZ Aerosports

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The NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire 3 Main Canopy.

The Crossfire. The NZ Aerosports Icarus Canopy identity. A truly unique design. Now completely redone in the new Crossfire 3. This is how justice is done to the Crossfire legend.

Unparalleled openings, a longer recovery arc, and incredible swoop distance combine in a 9-cell fully elliptical wing that's 100% devoted to the art of having fun.

If you're ready to step it up a notch from your Safire or want to upgrade your Crossfire 2, the Crossfire 3 is for you. She's fun to fly at docile wing loadings between 1.0 and 1.4 for the confident intermediate pilot, but we recommend a wing loading between 1.5 and 2.0 for maximum performance.

Simply put, the Crossfire 3 is the all-round maestro from the Icarus Canopies range. She will have you flying long and high, turf surfing, or coming in hot for your first swoops across the pond.

It's time to take to the sky the way you were meant to, on a 9-cell sports machine that keeps it as real as you do.

Crossfire 3 Info:

Stock Crossfire 3 Orders:

Pick one from the stock list at this link. Note: Skydive in Thailand Customer Order in the Instructions box when you submit the choice online at 

Custom Crossfire 3 Orders:

Complete your design at this link and note Skydive in Thailand Customer Order in the Instructions box when you submit the design online at 

Note: NZ Aerosports requires a minimum of 500 jumps to purchase this canopy. If you have less than 500 jumps, we recommend purchasing the Safire 3 canopy.

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Nz Aerosports
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Inventory Last Updated: May 14, 2021