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Skydive Pattaya - Charity Skydiving Challenge Registration - Would You Like to Skydive for Free & Support a Worthy Cause?

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Skydive Pattaya Charity Skydive Challenge

Would you like to skydive for free and support a worthy cause? 

We are proud to support many Thai Charities and Good Causes. Our skydiving for free Charity Skydiving Challenge is a unique way of fundraising in aid of your favorited Charity. Our Members have raised in excess of ฿54,000,000 for Thai Charities. 

​Our Best Safest Record & Cheapest Prices makes us Number #1 in Thailand for Charity Skydiving which allows you to enjoy skydiving for free. 


Step 1: Registration

  • Pay the Registration Fee of ฿1,000 (an non refundable admin fee exclusive of the charity funds) and enter your details in the form fields during the check out process.
  • We will mail the fundraising card to your home address or via secure email only.

Step 2: Fundraising 

  • Fundraise a minimum of ฿20,000.
  • Fundraising must be completed within 12 weeks.
  • Fundraising must be carried out on our Official Fundraising Card only.
  • You must have written authorization from your nominated charity prior to taking part in this program.
  • We have no objection to online fundraising provided your nominated charity approves.
  • Time extensions may be granted only under certain circumstances.  ​

Step 3: The Cost of the Charity Skydive Voucher

  • The Charity Skydive Voucher is provided at the discounted price of ฿10,000.
  • You may deduct ฿10,000 from the charity funds raised to pay for it.
  • The remaining ฿10,000 plus any additional funds raised go to your nominated charity.
  • Members are free to donate all of the funds raised and pay for the skydive personally.

Step 4: Purchasing the Charity Skydive Voucher from Skydive Pattaya

Note: Alternatively the full payment can be made prior to initiations of the fundraising program.


Step 5: Book the Skydive Date 

  • Once Skydive Payment #1 has been paid the skydive date may be booked:
  • We do not allow provisional bookings - we only cater for confirmed bookings.
  • Each participant should ensure that they promptly book the skydive date while it is still available.

Step 6: Charity Funds

  • You must submit the charity funds and the fundraising card on the day of your skydive.
  • The Charity Funds must be in a Bank Draft / Postal Order and made payable to your nominated charity.
  • If you fundraised online - you must bring a print-out of the funds raised.
  • We will send the funds to your nominated charity.
  • The charity should send you a letter of thanks confirming receipt of funds prior to making your skydive.
  • We do not lodge any charity funds to our bank account any other account controlled by us.
  • All charity funds are sent directly to the charity.
  • We do not accept charity funds in cash.

Before Registering You Must:

Organizing a Group Charity Skydive with Skydive Pattaya

If you are planning on organizing a Group Charity Skydive Challenge, here is what you must do: 

  • Step 1: Complete your own registration first when you have decided to take part and enjoy skydiving for free.
  • Step 2: We will email your Group Member ID (ISC-XXXXX).
  • Step 3: Each registrant in your group must quote this Group Member ID when they complete registration.


Skydive Pattaya
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